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Welcome to TSG|Terrroir

Exclusive wine tours


Dear Wine lovers,

TSG | Terroir organises very exclusive wine tours to various producing regions. Lasting four days, each tour is finely designed to offer the optimum conditions for you to enjoy every moments, learning about wine, visiting amazing regions and,most importantly, tasting these nectars in the pesence of passionate producers.

For each trip, we are taking a maximum of 16 people in an informal and fun atmosphere.

Other than the return journey to and from the wine region, our prices include absolutely everything!


Please find below our forthcoming wine tours.  

Yours winefully,


07772 721 002


Forthcoming wine tours



Thu 7th Nov / Sun 10th Nov 2019

Come and visit the extremely beautiful region of Cahors (south west of France), home of the famous "black wine' made from Malbec grape. 

All inclusive:




Thu 5th Mar / Sun 8th Mar 2020

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 All inclusive:


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Thu 5th Nov / Sun 8th Nov 2020

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All inclusive:


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Your guide

My name is Stéphane Chapotot and I am passionate about wine.

I have studied this subject starting in my early years at the Paris Catering School from 1989. Member of the Paris Sommelier's Association, I experience some wonderful tasting sessions sampling extremely fine and varied wines in the presence of the best 'noses' in the buisness. I then moved to London and studied wine through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust to Diploma level.

Before moving to Sudbury, I was the director of a wine company, supplying premium wines and spirits to the restaurant trade.

Since opening The Secret Garden with my friend Alain Jacq, I have been organising monthly wine tastings. These tasting evenings became extremely popular. Taking clients to wine regions became an obvious and exciting project.

With the creation of TSG|Terroir I am able to share my passion and knowledge in the optimum conditions.

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