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Bread Course

The aim of this day course is to offer a simple and straightforward knowledge in bread making. Preparing three very different breads (Sourdough, walnut bread and focaccia) will enable us to create an understanding about sourdough, how and why it works and what is important to integrate so success is always guaranteed. How it differs from yeast doughs in general such as rye bread and focaccia, which are both very different in their needs and technical approach.

£110pp - Cost includes

-Hot, cold drinks and biscuits.
-Lunch, (soup, bread and cheeses).
-All materials, apron and ingredients are supplied.
-All your breads.
-Recipe handouts plus pen and paper for your own notes.


Each class is 6 people maximum.


To book you place, see our Calendar of events

Our sourdough loaf
Kitchen utensils hanging on a bar

The theory of the tastes

This course is at the heart of all the food we prepare at the Secret Garden. This understanding transcends all cooking styles and most dietary requirements. This course is for anyone who wishes to understand more about food.


The intention in this course is to bring light into the "secret world" of all successful cooking, all tasty food. Some of us can be given any ingredients and will always come up with a tasteful dish, while others wouldn't, or would struggle, or wouldn't have the imagination necessary to make a dish, or know where to start. Some of us are adventurous but don't always have that final touch, while for some, it is simple, obvious and even easy.

-What do these successful cooks know that others don't?

-How does it work?

-What is behind the (delicious)? 

-Does it just happen, or do you make it happen and how?


£40pp Evening theory and buffet


To book, visit our Calendar of events

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