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About The Secret Garden

It is with a certain pride that we are part of the Sudbury community.

Since the opening of The Secret Garden, a lot has happened and many of you have visited us. We don’t look at The Secret Garden solely as a workplace but instead value the time we spend here. This, we believe, allows our personality to mould the business rather than the other way around and this is why The Secret Garden regroups many of our interests and passions; displays of local painters and photographers, and French tuition are among things that we do but it is with food and wines that we spend much of our time.

Everything that we serve is homemade such as jam, bread, pastries and, of course, main meals. Using seasonal products is a major part of our philosophy. It goes without saying that the use of our buying “power” goes in favour of local, organic, if possible, producers; people we share views with.

Our cooking is strongly influenced by our own French background but we enjoy binding various food cultures; from our lighter, more rustic breakfast, light lunches and afternoon tea to a more gastronomic approach on Friday and Saturday evenings.

We hope to see you soon at The Secret Garden.

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